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Support Sharron Angle!

By Dr. Alan Keyes

Thank you in advance for your pledge to our STATEMENT of SUPPORT and your gift to help my conservative, pro-America Declaration Alliance PAC RETIRE Harry Reid as U.S. Senate Majority Leader and ELECT a true-blue conservative champion Senator, Sharron Angle as his much needed replacement. 

Why is strong support of Sharron Angle in this race for the Nevada Senate seat so critical? In a word, because we MUST save America from corrupt Chicago-style politics, and the socialist sell-out it is fueling.

Harry Reid has sold out the regular folks of Nevada, and our nation, in favor of the "Chicago Way" -- the corrupt Obama faction's bullying, pandering and pay-offs to elitist special interests. You and I simply cannot allow the Reid/Pelosi/Obama wrecking crew to continue with their crooked wheeling and dealing, and vast expansion of tyrannical government power, if America is to survive.

Left unchallenged, their agenda will destroy our country. So we must unite, stand up for our freedoms, and do all in our power to achieve a clean sweep of Congress in 2010, electing REAL CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS like SHARRON ANGLE to represent us in Washington, D.C. -- before it is too late!

More than anything, this election is a battle against Washington's socialist power grab. We must vigorously defend against our loss of liberty, the ravaging of our economy, and violations against justice and human dignity. 

It is all about the Obama Democrats' breach of trust with “We The People,” their trampling of our God-given rights, and their abandonment of the founding principles of our nation. We must reclaim self-government run by OUR Representatives in OUR government -- of, by and for The People.

Sharron Angle has proven herself to be a true patriot and a 100% conservative leader. She is the "real deal" in her fidelity to our Constitution -- and just what is needed in the U.S. Senate! I am proud and grateful that you are committed to help DA PAC contribute to Sharron's victory.

There simply can be no doubt that the Obama-led drive to have government running everything in America represents a wholesale assault on our most basic human and constitutional rights –- the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

     Harry Reid has handed the Senate over to Obama. While great damage has already been done, our best hope now is to mobilize voters around the country to help take back our freedom, by electing CONSERVATIVES to the U.S. Senate and the Congress. Sharron Angle is a true conservative candidate who in her public and private life of service has EARNED our support -- and going up against Harry Reid and the radical Left, she needs all we can bring to assist in her victory!

     We must do this TODAY.  We must not tire from the fights we have waged over the past year.

     Sunshine Patriots do not last long in this battle, and I am confident that is not you.

     So today, we must join together and work to mobilize as VOTERS the vast army of Americans we have helped awaken with all our activist efforts these last 18 months. Our energies must focus on REPLACING those in Washington, with REAL CONSERVATIVE LEADERS like SHARRON ANGLE who can rise in the U.S. Senate, and defend America during the difficult days ahead.

The Declaration Alliance PAC must reach many more Americans to garner support for this critical race, and others -- but we can’t do it without your help. Your gift will help us find, inform, and mobilize conservative, Constitutionalist voters across the country to ELECT new leaders like Sharron Angle throughout this vital 2010 election.

Truly, America is at a crossroads. 

     Will Washington, D.C. be allowed to bankrupt America fiscally and morally, as it arrogantly ignores the expressed will of the people for smaller, more responsible government?

     Or will you and I fight back, reclaim our government, and stand up with NEW LEADERS like SHARRON ANGLE to REPEAL the Reid/Pelosi/Obama socialist schemes forced on our nation?

     I believe we will fight and win!  So I thank you for pledging your signature to our STATEMENT of SUPPORT for Sharron Angle's conservative agenda, which we will circulate nationwide among individuals and a broad cross-section of groups. A major coalition of approval and endorsement for Sharron from folks like you and many organizations, will be a loud answer to media lies that Sharron's conservative policies are too "extreme" and that Americans do not share her vision of limited, Constitutional government.

     America is in trouble, and our nation needs to elect the "real deal" to stand strong and defend us in Washington, D.C. On the record for years, Sharron Angle has proven herself as a consistent Constitutional conservative with DEEDS, not just WORDS.

     Polls are already showing that Sharron can soundly defeat Harry Reid. In fact, if the election were held right now, Sharron Angle would trounce Reid!

     But Reid is already running vicious attack ads against Sharron, and these WILL hurt her with Independents, voters who are not well-informed, and groups not used to standing up to the no-holds-barred "progressive movement."  We can't forget that the radical Left doesn't play by the rules, and they will stop at nothing. We DO play by the rules, but that doesn't mean we can't play to win!

     So let's make sure Sharron Angle DEFEATS Harry Reid!

Sharron is right on the issues. I know you believe that innocent human life is deserving of our protection, from conception to natural death... 

That you should be able to make your family’s own health care decisions...

Protect and provide for YOUR family as you think best...

I know you think the federal government should abide by the Constitution, and protect our rights and liberty -- not "take over" our lives, and attempt to run auto companies, banks, the media and other whole sectors of our economy.

So I thank you for joining with me and your fellow Americans who are making their voices heard and their votes COUNT -- and taking action TO REVERSE THE SOCIALISM, HERE AND NOW through DA PAC.

We at DA PAC can see the tide is turning against national acceptance for massive, intrusive and incompetent government; staggering debt; the atrocity of abortion; and the coddling of our sworn enemies. We are eagerly seeking pro-liberty, pro-America candidates for federal office worthy of our aid and endorsement -- but the need for IMMEDIATE support of sterling DA PAC contender SHARRON ANGLE for U.S. Senate is why I am urgently asking for your help today.

I must tell you, I believe that the 2010 federal campaign cycle can save our nation -- but only if we act together to elect pro-life, pro-Constitution majorities to both Houses of Congress.

That’s why I ask you to make a contribution to DA PAC to help Sharron Angle win, and to sign our STATEMENT OF SUPPORT to encourage her to stay the course of her committed conservativism. 

But please remember, because of the aggressive agenda of the socialist, pro-debt, pro-death Democrats, it’s vital you mail your Mail Pledge Form, and your pledge TODAY.

     Like you, members of DA PAC are loyal and patriotic citizens who have made their commitment to make a crucial difference in America for the cause of ordered liberty.

     So I thank you for joining with us and stepping up to the plate for our nation's future by making a contribution TODAY.

     I often remind my friends, electing REAL conservatives in the face of mainstream media sneering and hateful personal attacks is a daunting task. As you know, it takes a lot of core conviction, faith, time -- and it costs a lot of money.

     That's why I hope you will sign and return the enclosed Mail Pledge Form IMMEDIATELY.

You know that to run a politically effective campaign against the well-funded and well-organized Leftists who will pour money in against Sharron Angle, we need the support of literally thousands of committed Americans, like you, from all over our nation...

     ...Americans who will help us hold the line, keep the pressure on the bad guys, and move our cause forward as the fight intensifies to restore America.

Sharron Angle's agenda reflects fully our conservative platform:

***  Pro-life, from conception to natural death, without exceptions, equivocation or apology;

***  Firm fiscal responsibility at all levels and in all spheres of government;

***  Tax cuts; and

***  Protection and defense of our Constitution, the Declaration principles which inform it, and our national sovereignty which they enshrine.

Thank you for your support.

       The only way DA PAC pro-Constitution candidates like Sharron Angle will be victorious running for Senate, the Congress and other public office is if we can count on the support of committed, God-honoring Americans like you who understand the depth of our nation’s crisis.

Please mail your signed Mail Pledge Form along with your generous pledge and STATEMENT of SUPPORT TODAY to keep us pressing ahead.

Thank you, God bless you, and may God continue to bless America.

Keep Faith,

Dr. Alan Keyes

P.S. Because of the success of the socialists in Congress, the fight for life and liberty has never been so critical. To WIN the FIGHT against Washington, D.C., ELECT conservative, Constitutionalist challengers like SHARRON ANGLE and prevail against those who would destroy our God-given freedoms, we need your most generous contribution now.  

No one can take your place -- we are relying on YOU, and the committed financial support of literally thousands of decent and patriotic Americans like you from all over our nation.

That’s why it’s vital you send your pledge to DA PAC and your STATEMENT OF SUPPORT -- TODAY. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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