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Operation Black Storm denies 'race' claim of left

It's called Operation Black Storm and its goal is to systematically cut the support from under any of the "left" arguments that the tea party is racist and people of color naturally should drift to the Democrat Party. Oh, and by the way, it's planning on putting 15 candidates with a wide range of life experiences but a common intent of building America back up into office.  [READ MORE]


 Groups Join Forces to Promote Conservative Black Candidates

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Houston, TX--Patriot PAC today unveiled Operation Black Storm, a national coalition effort to unite the nation behind the 15 black conservative congressional candidates in key districts around the country in the upcoming November elections.

Helping to lead the charge among the Tea Party movement in America for substantive political reform, Operation Black Storm will fight to fundamentally reshape the makeup of the U.S. Congress on November 2, 2010.

This coalition intends to put its collective weight behind these highly qualified conservative black candidates by providing them with the resources and exposure they need to win on Election Day.  Coalition members helping with voter education and candidate scorecards include groups such as Break the Bonds of Tyranny, Unite in Action, ConservativeMESSENGER, The Frederick Douglass Foundation, and The Black Sphere, to name just a few.

Political Action Committees participating in providing endorsements and financial support include not only Patriot PAC, but iCaucus, Frederick Douglass Foundation PAC, Declaration Alliance PAC and more.

K. Carl Smith, President of ConservativeMESSENGER, declared, “We want to reignite America’s passion for liberty and create an atmosphere for political dialogue where conservative candidates can engage in conversation about the issues without being accused of racism or called Uncle Toms. Today marks the beginning of the end of playing the race card to silence conservative voices and keep blacks voting opposite their core values.”

Operation Black Storm's mission is to provide vital support for the campaigns in the program, so there is heightened national voter awareness of the policy positions and the governing philosophy of these outstanding new leaders for America. 

It’s time for Conservatives to make a statement on the racism issue and Patriot PAC and its coalition are intent on ensuring this statement is made loud and clear.

Smith continued, “It’s finally time for our nation to get past racial barriers in politics, and with Operation Black Storm we intend to send a message to Washington that--above all--Americans of all background, colors, and decent faiths want their God-given right for SELF-RULE.”

Patriot PAC is an independent Political Action Committee sponsoring Operation Black Storm.  More information on this initiative can be found at



Operation Black Storm - Stop The Liberal Lying
Cries Of Tea Party "Racism"

Fellow Patriot,

The damage wrought to freedom by the Obama regime has awakened many Americans to the fact that the present crisis in their nation's affairs represents the most profound threat to liberty and constitutional government in its history. This is because the threat comes, as our Founders predicted, from within as well as outside our borders. The time has come, finally, to break the bonds of tyranny, and end the stranglehold of the Left on our great republic! Today marks the beginning of the end of overgrown, overreaching government intrusion and control in our lives! And victory is within our grasp!

John Fund writes in the Wall Street Journal that, "as Election Day draws closer, every major public opinion poll shifts from interviewing registered voters to those whom it identifies as 'likely' voters. Gallup, the oldest U.S. polling company, first developed the model it uses for identifying likely voters back in 1950 and its final election polls have proven highly accurate."

"Yesterday, Gallup delivered its first 2010 'likely voter' poll and the results floored the political community. In the generic ballot question, which asks which party a voter would favor in a generic House contest, Gallup gave the GOP a 46% to 42% edge. But then Gallup applied two versions of its 'likely voter' turnout model. In its 'high turnout model,' Republicans led Democrats by 53% to 40%. In its 'low turnout model,' the GOP edge was a stunning 56% to 38%. That kind of margin in favor of Republicans has never been seen in Gallup surveys."

Patriot PAC has just unveiled Operation Black Storm, a bold effort to end the Left's racist attack against patriotic Americans and the Tea Party and liberty movement by electing NEW leaders with special words of UNITY to speak to our nation!

Beginning today, Operation Black Storm is launching a strategic initiative to endorse, financially support and promote voter awareness of the outstanding leadership records and candidacies of 15 key black conservative congressional challengers who have won their district nominations, and are running to oust entrenched incumbents.

Star Parker - CA-37, Ryan Frazier - CO-7, Allen West - FL-22, Isaac Hayes - IL-2, Marvin Scott - IN-7, Robert Broadus - MD-4, Charles Lollar - MD-5, Bill Marcy - MS-2, Michael Faulkner - NY-15, Bill Randall - NC-13, Tim Scott - SC-3, Charlotte Bergman - TN-9, Stephen Broden - TX-9, Vince Danet - US Virgin Islands and Chuck Smith - VA-3 are our Operation Black Storm candidates -- and they deserve YOUR support!

There is a widespread sense that the nation suffers from a general failure of elite leadership by our so-called "elites" in particular, a failure of both major manipulated parties, a failure of the co-opted mainstream media, a failure connected with the elite's cynical, purely self-aggrandizing ambition. As the Tea Party and Patriot movement continues to rack up key victories around the country in our march to retake our republic from corrupt special interests, the most critical election in our nation's history is just WEEKS away and it's time to issue the final rally cry for freedom.

But the radical Left and even the RINOs won't go down to defeat without a fight... the Tea Party has produced righteous indignation, revulsion and active resentment against the suspect elites that threatens to produce a populist uprising more intense than ever before in U.S. history.

That's why the Left is resorting to underhanded tactics, confusion, ridicule, and intimidation in a last-ditch attempt to derail the Tea Party revolution! And their final strategic move is to try to falsely label the Tea Party and lovers of liberty 'RACIST'! This is outrageous!

It's the Party that is not a party, and by lying that it is motivated by racism instead of patriotism, it allows Establishment acknowledgment of the unified activity of the people, but with an irony and denigration intended to demoralize. The major political parties wish to keep it from achieving, or even effectively aiming to achieve, a total political result consonant with its real political strength.

But We the People will not be denied! We have brought forward sterling citizen candidates, and they MUST and WILL prevail! That's why we must redouble our efforts and answer the call to fight for our country's future TODAY!

Many who would manipulate Americans through lying cries of "racism" presently sit in the U.S. Congress, and their blatant dishonesty and abuse of office are no less than Acts of Tyranny.

Patriot PAC says TODAY is the day to counter the lies! Join us in endorsing these great American Operation Black Storm challengers and financially supporting their candidacies. The time has come to end the "racist" smears being thrown on every conservative in our nation and the Tea Party in particular -- and there is no better way to "refudiate" the lies spread by the so-called progressives and their lap-dog media, and tolerated by the RINO establishment, than to put conservative patriots who happen to be black Americans into Congress, and give them the opportunity to daily challenge the race-baiting Congressional Black Caucus!

Announcing the launch of Operation Black Storm, spokesman K. Carl Smith declared, "It's finally time for an end to race-baiting in American politics, and with Operation Black Storm we intend to send a message to Washington that -- above all else -- Americans of every background, color, and faith share our national Creed of respect for unalienable, God-given rights, and these true-blue Americans want their constitutional liberties back!"

Helping to lead the charge among the Patriot movement in America, Operation Black Storm will fight to fundamentally reshape the makeup of the U.S. Congress in the November elections.

The election of Obama was supposed to have created a post-racial America, yet the Left continues endlessly with their empty, false allegations of racism. Operation Black Storm intends to END that meme, as America will finally get to hear the other side of the story.

With a Patriot-laden, conservative Congress, we can counter the lies, stop the Obama juggernaut and put the brakes on his socialist train that is driving us straight into the abyss of paternalistic, tyrannical government!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your continuing contributions in candidate support, voter education and citizen action, and your full commitment to elect the very best Patriot-Citizens to be our NEW representatives in Washington!

In defense of freedom,

Ambassador Alan Keyes
Patriot PAC -

These are the candidates the Establishment fears!

Help Patriots prevail in November!!!
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